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Can Repeating Tasks Display for Both Today and Tomorrow?

lyndons says:
Is it possible to have repeating tasks display across multiple time folders (today, tomorrow, this week) simultaneously? Right now if I look under the today folder I can see my recurring task today at 4pm, but If I look under the tomorrow folder it wont show up until I clear the task for today. This can make it difficult to manage tasks for tomorrow without unintentionally having conflicting times.
Posted at 5:58am on February 27, 2020
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi lyndons,
Currently it's not possible to show tasks on each day, sorry. Repeating tasks will show one current and one future task.

Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks for your feedback! I'll pass that on to the development team for review.
Posted 1 year ago
ranbarton Power Poster says:
The standard workaround for this is to create multiple instances of a task. For instance instead of one daily repeating tasks, seven tasks each repeating once a week one for Sunday one for Monday one for Tuesday etc. it’s not elegant were perfect, but it will show future instances the way you wish to see them.
Posted 1 year ago
aaron.boydston says:
Like ranbarton said, if you only care about today and tomorrow, you could create two tasks that repeat every other day.
Posted 1 year ago
mcglear says:
Another option might be to create your own Tomorrow list that will contain all tasks due tomorrow (like the premade tomorrow list does), but will additionally give you all tasks that are due today, but that you haven't completed yet. That, of course, has it's own disadvantages:

1. You'll see tasks that are due today and that you know you'll get done before tomorrow (workaround: [dueBefore:"2 days" AND isRepeating:true] - this way, all your regular tasks due today will _not_ appear on your tomorrow list. Only those tasks that will be created again anyway once you cross them off will show up there)
2. It doesn't work well with non-daily tasks (because a task [^today *every Monday] will NOT be due tomorrow, yet will appear on such a self-made tomorrow-list)
3. You'll need to maintain another list, and we all know that a large amount of lists without an option to group them becomes annoying _really_ quickly

I still prefer this option over having seven copies of every task that I want to repeat daily (I have lots of daily tasks, because I set up tasks for each of my routines - and editing those routines would become a terribly complicated endeavour if I had to edit 7 instances of each of the steps :-O )
Posted 1 year ago
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