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Simulating Wunderlist star system

lyvnati says:
I'm looking for a Wunderlist alternative and RTM is the best one so far. The only thing I'd like to have is something similar to Wunderlist star feature.

I have a "Supper" list with things I can make for supper for the week. Once a week, I 'star' 7 suppers making these ideas appear in the "Starred" list. After each supper, I go in the "Starred" list and remove the star from the supper I just had.

The best method I found in RTM is to select the suppers then assign them a tag called "Supper". Easy enough. The issue I have is when I want to remove the tag. Instead of just clicking a star, I need to long press the item, select "Edit tags", uncheck the tag and click 'Apply'. Not as easy.

If we could replace "Postpone" (slide item to the left) with anything we want (like 'Remove tags'), that would be great! One swipe and the tag is removed!
Posted at 12:03pm on January 21, 2020
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi lyvnati,
Thanks for your feedback. There's probably not a better way to do this with tags, though you could maybe do this with repeating tasks and due dates. That might be more to set up, but the end result is that you could postpone a task to be your supper on a given night, and then swipe to complete it to generate the next one.

I'm assuming that's not exactly what you're looking for though, and I only mean that as a workaround.

In the meantime, I've passed this suggestion on to the development team. Thanks for the feedback!
Posted 8 months ago
kerrpe says:
Hi lyvnati - I can second, this, I do exactly the same process! My ingredients are subtasks to the item and it's easy to check or uncheck them to show on the "grocery" list, but the Supper idea has thrown me! A star for the recipe would be great.
Posted 8 months ago
lyvnati says:
I see that this request is still not implemented. Is it at least being considered by the development team or has it been rejected? I still believe RTM is the best app to replace Wunderlist (as Microsoft To-Do removed crucial features) and having this feature would be fantastic.

Not complicated: If I swipe the item to the left while being in the "Tag" list, untag the item (instead of postpone).
Posted 5 months ago
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