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Is always-offline use supported?

wpost says:
I know that Pro users can set the desktop app for temporary offline use. But would RTM work well when left permanently offline?

I ask because my employer's security rules limit me to applications that only store data locally and do not sync or otherwise send data beyond my computer. I'm a big RTM user in my personal life so I would much prefer to use RTM for work too via a second account. However I am aware that the service was probably not designed with that use case in mind and might not work. So, has anyone tried this or otherwise know if this is a good idea?
Posted at 12:50am on December 27, 2019
azclaire says:
How would you get application updates?
Posted 8 months ago
wpost says:
This would be on a Mac that is connected to the internet, so updating this would be no more difficult than other applications. It is not an air-gapped computer. For what it's worth, I like package management so I would install RTM via Homebrew as I do other apps, and let Homebrew take care of the updates. (And ty to the great RTM community that maintains it on Homebrew.)

So I'm not worried about app updates. I do wonder how well the app will work if my ever-growing tasks are never uploaded to the RTM servers.
Posted 8 months ago
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