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Customize the inbox

aaron.boydston says:
I am really appreciating RTM's straightforward mix of todo properties that allow for custom workflows with the robust filtering and sorting.

My own todo management is changing to be more project oriented and I am trying to strictly use lists for projects. I still have plenty of todos that are project-less, though, which means they clog up the inbox.

I really want to use the built-in inbox for tasks that have not been organized. But right now, the only way to get a todo out of the inbox is assigning it a project. I want todos to leave the inbox if they've been assigned ANY organization property (tag, location, or list).

I guess this is a feature request and I know I can creat a smart list for all unorganized todos--and call it "real inbox". :)

I guess I am just wondering what other people think.
Posted at 9:08pm on November 27, 2019
martingchapman says:
I don't work the way you do but if I did I would create a list with a name that I would never use as a Project name, say "Single Tasks" and when I have a task in the INBOX and allocate its organisation properties I would also change the tasks list to "Single Tasks".
When the task is in the INBOX you have to open it to change its properties so when you do this just include changing the list to move it out of the INBOX.
Posted 9 months ago
aaron.boydston says:
Thanks, martin, that's a good idea. I was thinking of a "projectless" list but I like the label "single tasks."
Posted 9 months ago
rjallison81 says:
I have a project names Things & Stuff. I move the one-offs there and can use them when I have 10 free minutes. I manually move it to the top of the list so I go through it often.

Hope that helps, good luck.
Posted 9 months ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
It sounds like you may have a good couple of solutions there already, but in case you're looking for anything different I like to use a Smart List that I make sure to keep empty, because that means everything is organized as needed and nothing has fallen through the cracks.

You could use something like the following to only show Inbox tasks if they haven't been assigned another property:

list:Inbox AND (isTagged:false OR isLocated:false)

Either way you go, I hope you find something that works for you! Keep me posted on what you find.
Posted 9 months ago
aaron.boydston says:
Thanks for your thoughts, All. I'm going to start by using a smart list to expose unorganized tasks. Later, I might try a list for projectless todos.

I'll see how it goes!

One thing (of the many) I am really liking about RTM is how "easy" bulk edit feels. It won't be as significant once I get everything sorted, but right now it is really nice how it encourages me to just try an organization strategy because I know it will be so quick and easy to try a different way later.
Posted 9 months ago
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