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Smart List with Subtasks

cincyexpat says:
I have a Smart List, which I call my Daily Radar. I want to see all of my tasks which have a due date and a start date; I got that. But, I noticed that my Sub Tasks aren't showing. I want to see all of my Tasks, which have a due date and a start date AND "Can" have or be a Sub Task, but do not need to be one. I just want these Sub Tasks to be included in the fun!
Does anyone have any ideas for Advanced Search?
Posted at 9:22pm on November 11, 2019
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi cincyexpat,
Thanks for getting in touch.

Subtasks and tasks don't show in the same view—if they are in the same view, the subtasks are collected in the task's details.

The subtasks should be included in the fun if the tasks are not, i.e. if they have a start/due date and the parent task does not.

Hope this helps!
Posted 10 months ago
cincyexpat says:
Posted 10 months ago
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