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Daily Digest Broken

johnmsch says:
Every day I get my Daily Digest sent via email. This has been working fine for as long as I've used it, but something broke on this Friday Nov 8.
The email had always contained overdue tasks, tasks due today and tasks due tomorrow. On Friday, it only contained a task due that day. On Saturday, that same task as overdue and today (Sunday) only a task due tomorrow.
I haven't made any changes here (web) or on the App on my iPhone.
What broke??????????????
Posted at 10:05pm on November 10, 2019
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi johnmsch,
Sorry to hear about that!

Are you able to contact us with an example or screenshot? We'd love to dig in and to see what's happening. Thanks!
Posted 4 years ago
johnmsch says:
Email sent from the contact page.
BTW, why did I not get a notification that this topic had a reply?
Posted 4 years ago
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