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Prompt for Start Date

robert_home says:
I can add start date with ~today in the Task Name but it would be nice to have an entry field like for the Due Date.
Posted at 8:02pm on November 8, 2019
azclaire says:
You are in luck! Go to your settings. Look for the section “Defaults “. You can select your default list, default fields (including start date), default Due Date, and default sort order.
Posted 4 years ago
robert_home says:
But not from the new gMail add on. If I don't add the Start date using ~today, then it defaults to Never in RtM and I have no Start date. It would be better to have Start Date as one of the prompted for fields.
Posted 4 years ago
martingchapman says:
As suggested by @azclaire I have the default Due Date set to "Today" and when I open the RTM for GMail addon it automatically has "Today" in the Due Date field.
It looks as if the addon is picking up the Due Date from my settings.
Posted 4 years ago
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