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Apple Watch Siri task creation

chuckda4th says:
Before “upgrading” to iOS 13, I used to have a list titled “MEMBER” in the iOS reminders app. I then had an IFTTT applet that watched it and would send RTM an email to create a task whenever something was added to it.

I never had luck with the RTM caldav reminders list, so having Siri add a task to that MEMBER list via my Apple watch was my primary means of creating tasks.

As far as I can tell, IFTTT no longer works with the iOS 13 reminders app even direct from my phone. I added the RTM caldav connection, and that works from my phone, yet any task added from my watch never actually makes it to RTM. It’s as if the watch reminders never sync with the phone. I tried the “reset data” many times to no avail.

I realize none of these things are really RTM issues, but wondering if anyone is having luck adding tasks from their Apple Watch on watchOS 6.
Posted at 12:44am on October 4, 2019
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi chuckda4th,
Sorry to hear about all of that!

Our Siri integration we added for iOS 12 works directly with the Remember The Milk app, so that may be the first thing to try. Basically that's the "With RTM add a task…" verbiage instead of "Remind me to…" or "Add to my MEMBER list…" and you can see more on our Siri page.

We haven't heard of this particular IFTTT issue with iOS 13 Reminders, but we have heard of general problems revolving around Apple's changes to the Reminders app/service. This may be related to those, so there may need to be some changes from IFTTT (to their app? their service?) to support Apple's changes.

And last, I don't recall if we've discussed it before, but we'd be happy to help with the CalDAV integration as well! That's still supported and should work in iOS 13 directly to your Remember The Milk account, so maybe there are some changes we can make to get that working for you.

Keep me posted on what you find all around!
Posted 1 year ago
chuckda4th says:
Thanks, your reply made me realize what I was doing wrong.

When I was attempting to use Siri on the watch I’d say “add a task called test to RTM” and she’d fail. Apparently it explicitly needs to be “... to my task list in RTM" to work using that cadence.

When I use the cadence stated in your reply and say, “With RTM add a task called test” then it works.

I also tried “Use RTM to add a task called test” successfully, which feels the most natural to me.
Posted 1 year ago
chuckda4th says:
Now that I'm using this new method, I'm noticing it typically takes hours for tasks to make it anywhere else. How often does the apple watch RTM app sync with the servers considering I'm strictly adding the tasks via siri and never opening the RTM app on the watch?
Posted 1 year ago
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