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Multi-step task complete?

aaron.boydston says:
I just want to make sure I am not missing something. New to RTM and it seems it's alway a multi-step process to mark a task as complete. With mouse, I have to select task first, then move pointer, then tick complete. With keyboard, I have to type X to select task, then C to complete.

Is this correct? I am just checking because I've never used a todo app that didn't have the "done" checkbox available for immediate click from the mouse.

Posted at 11:33pm on September 16, 2019
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi aaron.boydston,
Yes, that's right. If you're on the web/desktop app you can also combine those, e.g. click to select a task and press 'c' to complete it.

In the mobile apps you can swipe a task right in the task list to complete it.

Hope this helps!
Posted 8 months ago
aaron.boydston says:
Thanks for the confirmation, andrewski. Going from mouse to keyboard is the "heavy" downside of having two steps. But using all keyboard isn't bad at all because it's so quick to tap two keys consecutively. Thanks, again.
Posted 8 months ago
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