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Queries for X weeks out for each day of week

jahanl1 says:

I am trying to make a smart list for each day of the week that shows tasks due 1 week out, 2 weeks out, 3 weeks out, etc. that are due on a given day. Right now I have lists that look like this...

due:"1 day" OR due:"8 day" OR due:"15 day" etc.

...which works fine, except that since the lists update each day I have to think about which list is for which day. And the less thinking I am made to do, the better ;)

My idea was to make lists like this...

due:monday OR due:"next monday" OR due:"14 day of monday" OR due:"21 day of monday" etc. far so good. Except that if you try the same thing for other days, 14, 21, etc. don't work. To get yesterday to work, you need to use 13, 20, etc. and to get tomorrow to work you need to use 15, 22, etc. In fact, for each day ahead of today you need to add a day (16, 23, etc... 17, 24, etc...). Put another way, these two queries will give you the same result...

due:"17 day of thursday"
due:"17 day of friday"

...which is also the same result as due:"17 day". Which is also to say that "of [day]" turns out to not be recognized by the "due" search operator. Alas.

So, RTM folks, could you please consider making this type of query possible? You already have it for "dueWithin" queries.

In the meantime, is there another way to do this that I am not thinking of? Thanks!
Posted at 2:06pm on September 2, 2019
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi jahanl1,
Thanks for your feedback about a search like this! I've passed this along to the development team for review. We review requests on a regular basis as we work to improve Remember The Milk. 💙
Posted 1 year ago
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