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Numbers in Tasks Disappear

andreabkorb says:
A lot of my tasks contain addresses, e.g. "1335 5th Street - Research X" and I'm finding that the numbers will disappear so it will just say "Street - Research X"
Posted at 12:28am on August 14, 2019
geojono says:
It looks like RTM is interpreting this as a due date of 1335 on the 5th of the next month. You can see that there's a due date assigned on the 5th of the next month. Since 1335 is not a valid time that RTM can interpret, it drops it as invalid. At least that's my theory.

If you type in "5335 John Street - Research X" (without quotes), it appears OK since there is nothing there that resembles a date or time.

I also noticed that if you add a single quote (or a double quote) at the beginning of '1335 5th Street - Research X, then it takes it without trying to interpret the numbers.

I hope this helps.
Posted 12 months ago
geojono says:
I also discovered that if you edit the task name after adding a task, it will take whatever you give it. So, after creating the task "1335 5th Street - Research X" (without quotes) and ending up with "Street - Research x," you can then edit the name to add back in the numbers and they will stay.

I realize it's a drag to have to use that extra step, but it is a workaround anyway. Still much faster to just start with a single quote. And if that quote at the beginning is an eyesore, or if it disrupts your sorting, you can edit the name after creating the task to remove it.
Posted 12 months ago
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