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Don't understand sort result

thebenjr says:
I am sorting by due date descending and then by date added descending. I do not understand what it is doing. All the grayed due dates, those in the short term that I assigned times to are sorting ascending and then all other tasks are sorting descending. I want everything in descending order period. I want the top of the list to show me what is due next. Attending to whether I assigned it a time is too clever by half. Why can't I have a simple sort where what is due next is on top, the thing after that is below, etc. It is a basic timeline from today out to the future. I am getting severely irritated that I played and played to try to make this basic and intuitive sort worked and failed.
Posted at 7:10pm on July 5, 2019
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi thebenjr,
I think you'd want to set this as due date ascending and added date descending.

Then you'll see your tasks in the order they are due (now, later today, "today" only, then tomorrow and so on), and then after that you'll see undated tasks sorted newest to oldest by when they were added.

(Also, within a specific grouping like "today" you'd see the newest tasks first as well.)

Hope this helps! Keep me posted on what you find.
Posted 7 months ago
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