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Multiple Yearly Reminders

andyarnold1 says:
How can I generate multiple weekly reminders each year with one task?

Example: Be reminded about the wife's birthday every November 1, November 8 and November 15

Thank You!
Posted at 12:48pm on June 17, 2019
andyarnold1 says:
Sorry--wasn't thinking when I posted. All is good.
Posted 11 months ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi andyarnold1,
It sounds like you already figured this out, but just in case it helps you (or someone else reading this later), the best way would be set up reminders for your tasks based on the due date—see more in our help—and maybe also adding a start date of November 1 or 8?

That takes care of two reminders automatically just by adding two dates to your task. And then you can cover the third reminder by adding a reminder individually.

Hope that helps!
Posted 11 months ago
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