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Recurring task with Siri?

quimby says:
Hello. I'm struggling to get consistent results with setting recurring tasks using Siri. I've tried "Hey Siri. Remind me to xxxxx daily at 1630 with Remember the Milk" but it doesn't seem to work every time. "Hey Siri. Remind me to xxxxx at 1630 daily with Remember the Milk" doesn't seem to work either. Can anyone help with the exact syntax?
Posted at 5:36pm on May 22, 2019
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi quimby,
Thanks for getting in touch.

Unfortunately the Siri integration may not be consistent. We can handle the response that Siri gives, but sometimes it doesn't return all or the same data.

If you're using Remind me you may be using the older integration, but if you're using iOS 11 or 12 you may want to try our newer integration through the app. You can see examples on our Siri page, but the basic change is that you'd say "with RTM add a task" instead of "Remind me".

The advantage there is that Siri pushes your request to the app itself, so that may work better. (However, if the request is not pushed fully—which can still happen—that may still not be 100% consistent! Phew!)

Anyhow, hope this helps! Keep me posted on what you find with either method.
Posted 2 years ago
quimby says:
Thanks for the answer. I've tried:

"Hey Siri. Add call Chris at 1700 to my task list in RTM"
This adds a task called "Call Chris at 17:00" with no due date.

"Hey Siri. Remind me to catch more Pokémon at 1630."
Works perfectly, task is on my list today with a due date today at 16:30.

Works consistently with recurring tasks too:
"Hey Siri. Remind me to tidy up daily at 1645."

So it look as though it works best without mentioning RTM to Siri, even though I am on iOS 12...
Posted 2 years ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi quimby,
Yes, the "Remind me" syntax will likely be more consistent currently. That tracks with our experiences as well.

We're continuing to report those behaviors to Apple, and hopefully that will continue to improve. We love consistency of course, but it can even help to just repeat the same request to Siri and you will get a different response the second time (picking up the date, a different understanding of the task name, etc.).

Keep us posted on how things go!
Posted 2 years ago
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