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Assign a task

richard.masters says:
It is common that I ask a third-party (person or company) to do something, and I need to record that in RTM. It could be a task or a sub-task.

My communication with them could be by phone, face-to-face, Whatsapp, etc.

How do I record in RTM that I have handed off a task or sub-task to that third party? Note that I may not have an email address for that third party and I do not want RTM to contact them.

I assign a 'waitingfor' status tag to such tasks, so I can easily review all tasks / sub-tasks for which I am waiting.

Posted at 3:03pm on February 6, 2019
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi Richard,
Your tag sounds like a great way to do this, possibly with a note or additional tag to keep track of who/where as well if you are looking to do that. You could remove those details later when the task is no longer waiting.

It may help too to hide those tagged tasks as needed, e.g. from any views where you wouldn't need to see anything that's still waiting for someone else.
Posted 1 year ago
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