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Reminders should not depend on start/due dates

joshua.theisen says:
I often have task with no definitive due date and with no start date (i.e. date before which I cannot work on the task, for whatever reason) but for which I would like to set a reminder to prompt me to do the task at a specific time (if I haven't spontaneously thought to do it before that time). RTM does not allow me to set a reminder unless a start or due date is also set.

RTM should allow reminders to be set for any task. Similarly, I should be able to set the reminder for any date and time that I want, independent of whether/how start/due dates/times are set (or not set).

Posted at 12:07am on February 4, 2019
apgordon says:
Hm. Not really understanding the need here, sorry. Isn't the point of the reminder to remind yourself to start the work? What's so bad about using the Start Date for that?
Posted 5 years ago
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