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Repeating Sub Task

bugsie says:
I read the help page about repeating sub-tasks where it explains that if the parent of a sub-task is set to repeat it automatically repeats all the sub-tasks. It also explains that sub-tasks can be set to repeat but stops short of explain what happens to the parent in those circumstances. Does the sub-task trigger the parent to recreate?

If, for example, I had a parent task (no repeat set) with two sub-tasks, the first set to repeat every three days and the second set to repeat every week, would the parent be recreated at day 3 and again at one week?
Posted at 7:48pm on January 28, 2019
bugsie says:
And a test reveals the parent simply stays with the two sub-tasks sitting inside with two new dates.

I'd prefer two new instances of the parent task on the due dates for the sub-tasks, I think...
Posted 1 year ago
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