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Tags from smart list get attached automatically on new tasks

johan.nilsson says:
I'm pretty sure this is a feature, but I think it's annoying and I wonder if it can be toggled on and off somewhere.

I have a bunch of smart lists. Some of them are very simple, for example

"dueBefore:now and tag:work".

Sometimes when I'm about to smart add a tasks, I forget to switch which list I'm currently on, so I add the task to, let's say Inbox, and I leave tags empty (to add them later), for example:

"Buy milk ^Tomorrow !2 =20min"

This works fine when I'm on a more complex smart list (or explicitly set my own tags), but on the smart list previously mentioned, the tag "work" will automatically be attached to the "Buy milk" task, which is not always what I want. The problem arises when I'm at home and I'm checking out another smartlist that has the condition "not tag:work". Then "Buy milk" won't show up and I have no clue why.
Posted at 9:22pm on December 22, 2018
martingchapman says:
Yes, I think this is a feature.

From the help docs;
"To save you time, tasks will add fields by context. If you choose to add a task while on your Today list, the task will automatically be due today. The same applies to tasks added on any day, list, Smart List, tag, or location screen."

Don't know any way of turning it off although when I add a new task whilst in "Inbox" the only parameter that is automatically set is the Due Date (which is an on/off option in your settings) all the other task parameters are empty.
Are you sure this is happening whilst in "Inbox"?
If not then a workaround would be to make sure you are always in "Inbox" whenever you add a task.
Posted 1 year ago
johan.nilsson says:
It never happens to me in Inbox, only in smart lists or as you say on Today, Tomorrow etc.

I see now why you may have interpreted my question as including Inbox. What I meant to say was that if I'm in a smart list and want to add a task TO Inbox. I'm sorry for the confusion.

Well, perhaps I have to contend with the workaround you suggested, at least for the time being. Thanks for helping me out!
Posted 1 year ago
raymond.bergmark Power Poster says:
It depends on the structure of the smart list criteria.
If they are unambiguous, RTM can pick them up and apply to new entries.
Examples: tag:home, due:today, priority:1
However, if the criteria is ambiguous, RTM can't figure things out and leaves that part out when adding the task.
Examples: dueBefore:tomorrow, tag:home OR tag:work
When adding a task when looking at smart list dueBefore:tomorrow AND tag:work, the new task will have a tag (work) but no due date as that part is ambiguous.
Hope that helps a bit!
Posted 1 year ago
johan.nilsson says:
Yes, I know that bit about unambiguity. Unfortunately, I have to have those kind of smart lists too.
Posted 1 year ago
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