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Windows App Won't Start

hkclark says:
The Windows App won't start for me any more. Well, I see it running in the Task Manager under "Background processes", but nothing is visible. I'm on Windows 10. I have uninstalled the app and removed all references to "remember" and "milk" from both the registry and the filesystem (the only file left containing "remember" and "milk" was "rememberthemilk-1.1.9-setup.exe"). Then I rebooted and re-installed. The app initially launched the first time after the setup screen that says something like "App will launch when setup is complete"). But if I close it and try to restart it, I get the save behavior. Anyone else see this (I searched in the forum but couldn't find any hits)? Any ideas how to get it working again? Thanks.
Posted at 3:56pm on December 12, 2018
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi hkclark,
Sorry to hear that! If this keeps up it'd be great if you could contact us to discuss some details.

In the meantime it may be helpful to make sure the following folder is removed:


which would be the only data independent of the app itself.

Keep me posted on what you find or let me know by email if that doesn't help and we'll get some more details.
Posted 1 year ago
mmoore100 says:
This may seem obvious, but did you expand the System Tray and look for the RTM logo there? (I keep forgetting about the system tray, so it took me a few minutes to remember to look there.)
Posted 1 year ago
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