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ravitodo says:
I believe RTM has a major limitation, surprising for an otherwise good product.

RTM does not seem to offer any *easy* way or a way usable by a majority of users to backup your RTM tasks and view them somewhere outside of RTM.

Tasks without due dates present special problems.

I have found even tasks with due dates ("events") cannot be imported into Google Calendar or MSOutlook.

This whole subject in RTM seems to be a mess.

RTM claims in its Help sections that Ical (ics) backup files can be used by other calendar applications but I have not found any such calendar application.

One cannot even export tasks from one RTM calendar to another via ICal files.

Support offerred by RTM on this matter is very uneven and so far not satifactory. RTM is very very polite when they reply but I have not received any reply to 3 mails I have sent to their support people in the last 3 months. And I am using a paid PRO version of their product for which I am supposed to get proper support.

Backup is a fundamental requirement unless one is a casual user of RTM using it as a toy, which I am not. I have more than a 1000 entries in RTM over the years and am seriously concerned about viability of continuing to use RTM without back up.

They did come back to me once with a long essay which required me to invest my time in various things like
--iCAL converters
--viewing tasks with Mozilla Thunderbird along with an obscure add on called Lightening something.

All this is anti productivity

With sorrow for an otherwise great and unique product probably developed by classy developers but being let down by lack of essential features and unmotivated non customer focussed unreponsive marketing/ support people
Posted at 6:11am on November 7, 2018
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