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Adding tasks via email sometimes creates "Location 1"

jamesr404 says:
I often add tasks to RTM from my email. I enjoy this because when I read back an older email thread I can see what, if anything, I decided to task myself with.

Now when I add the location in the Task, if I don't match the exact CaSe the location is written in the task will be added, but with a new location.

So I have a whole list of my locations, followed by a list of locations with the number 1, for instance;

office 1
errands 1
Groceries 1


Can't we just change the email parser to be clever enough to handle these differences in case, and see the user meant to add the task to "Errands" instead of "errands"? ^^
Posted at 1:03pm on October 23, 2018
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