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How do I get rid of the new bar?

jchoyt says:
I just logged in to the webapp and there's a new bar across the top of my screen with the name of the current list in it. If I open it, it has stats for the list (num completed, num open, etc.). between that and all the wasted space above the space-sucking "show complete/incomplete" buttons, I've lost over a third of the useful space.

Space usage was pretty bad already, this is infuriating. I use this app to USE it to get stuff done. Not to LOOK at it. I want to see my tasks, not useless whitespace. How do I get a decently compact layout?
Posted at 11:44pm on September 26, 2018
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi jchoyt,
You can click the name of the view/list to collapse the "statistics" area—that will show a shorter bar with just the name.

This view only shows when the app is narrower than 1024px so it may be possible to make the window wider/larger and/or to reduce the zoom level (View > Zoom Out in the desktop app or many browsers).

Let us know if that helps or not!
Posted 10 months ago
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