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Google Calendar Sync

dorusvdboomen says:
At the moment I am trying to sync my tasks with my Google Calendar. I'd like them to show up on the correct day as an all-day event (or as a task, but I haven't found this option). I followed instructions as closely as possible and my 'test' task showed up exactly as I wanted to. But after that, I haven't been able to make changes. If I change the due date of the task, it doesn't update this in the Google Calendar. Even if I complete or remove the task, it stays in place in my Calendar.

Is there anyway to solve this?
Posted at 1:00pm on September 22, 2018
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi dorusvdboomen,
We've had periodic reports of Google Calendar not refreshing updates to subscribed calendars. The problem seems to be sporadic; it seems the calendars will update, eventually, but not as quickly as expected.

Unfortunately there's no way to manually update a subscribed calendar in Google Calendar; it may take up to 24 hours for a calendar to be updated there.

If you have any further problems you may want to contact us by email so we can discuss some account details that wouldn't be good to share here.

Keep us posted!
Posted 7 weeks ago
wukey78 says:
I have got similar problem. It takes very long to syncing tasks in Google calendar.
Posted 20 days ago
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