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Has development stalled?

champagne.alexandre says:
Migrated from another app, where development stalled, to RTM, thinking that with their bigger team and paid subscriptions they would be more active, but each time I think of a feature request I see it has been asked years ago without ever being implemented.

Example :

Has RTM's development stalled? Beside blog posts and forum answers from support, I'm not under the impression the app is actively developed anymore. Am I right or not?
Posted at 2:05pm on September 10, 2018
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi champagne.alexandre,
We're working on improvements and new features all the time, though because we don't generally announce things ahead of time it can seem quiet ahead of time.

We're available to help with anything along the way, so let us know anytime we can help with anything!
Posted 2 years ago
champagne.alexandre says:
Well how do you explain simple issues/bugs that have been brought to your attention years ago never got fixed? This isn't the sign of a healthy project IMO.
Posted 2 years ago
thomas.ritter says:
Hi Andrew and team,
I do 100% support champagne.alexandre concerns.

While over the past 2 years "things" (I deliberately refrain from
the word features, because I've already treated most of them
as superfluous) have been added, the list of open bugs and
unimplemented suggestion is...
...ok, "not endless", but pretty lengthy.

I don't want to sound too sarcastic, but hiding behind the
curtain of "not announcing things ahead" is a smart idea to
simply DO very little.

It would also be VERY helpful if a list of "open issues" or
"known bugs" would be available; that would limit (at least
my, probably others too) time, trying to perform things, that
simply don't work.
Something like this does exist in nearly every SW I know.

I'm using RTM the whole day long and I don't have a
problem of paying now > 30 bucks -bound to a
subscription!!-, but I want to see a ROI that makes sense
to me (and not only to folks with fancy optic surface needs).

I hope the RTM team do not waste its time implementing
things for Android 9 or so, which only folks with native
Pixel devices from Google will be able to use anyway.

There is a pretty long list of half or sloppy implemented
features for fundamental functions that made RTM a great
tool, with room for evolution.
But only working half way thru (or pretending something,
that in fact isn't meant to work that way), make the usage
of such features frustrating over and over again.

There are not that many tools on the market, to organize
a personal life in a sense making way.
RTM is just wasting the possibilities and options it has (had?)
as a lighthouse tool!
Posted 2 years ago
mwyadartm says:
I have to agree. Development seems to have slowed. Bugs go unresolved.

It's unfortunate because otherwise I really love the app.
Posted 2 years ago
pszaro says:
While I personally don't think development has stalled, I think the opposite. With all the new features and desktop applications being made available, perhaps resources are spreading thin in certain areas?
Posted 2 years ago
(closed account) says:
Yes you are right,even the beta version doesn't have any new feature!
Posted 2 years ago
christopher.wagner.235 says:
It would be great to see the team be a bit more forthcoming about upcoming features. A roadmap (at least for pro users) would go a long way to bolster good will.

Other ideas:
–Better deployment to the Tester Program.
–More detailed change log on builds that includes the date.

At the end of the day we want to know the the developers are working to provide new features and repair aspects of the service that need repair. We want to see constant forward progress.
Posted 2 years ago
joyce.n says:
I'm looking for alternatives to toodledo where the original team sold it and the new team wants to treble prices before doing anything much...I'm pretty frustrated to think this site has jumped the shark too! Say it ain't so, Joe!
Posted 2 years ago
ravitodo says:
Agree, no adequate action generally on queries
Posted 2 years ago
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