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Reminders go to all email addresses

pdquilty says:
Under my contact preferences, I have a personal email and a work email. I have specific tasks for which I only want the reminder to go to one or the other. Under the task, I set the reminder to go to only 1 of the email addresses, but it still sends it to both. Is this the expected behavior or do I have something misconfigured? Is anyone else experiencing this?
Posted at 3:16pm on August 15, 2018
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Thanks for getting in touch.

If you have the Daily Digest or Reminders enabled in the Account Settings for either address, that would pull in all tasks based on your settings. (For example, if you have it set to email a Digest of all tasks due today, that would be separate from the individual setting.)

In other words, the individual reminders settings are an additional reminder to your "account reminders".

Hope this helps explain what was going on, but please contact us if there's anything else going on!
Posted 5 years ago
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