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Pro Account not working?

catherinebecker says:
hope someone can help. The search didn’t show anyone with a similar problem, but I’m desperate. ;-P

My pro account was renewed through iTunes last week. But my iOS apps and the web app still show a free account and I can’t use pro features! I need my subtasks... whine...

I wrote an email but since they don’t have me registered as pro, I guess I don’t get priority service either. ;-P

I tried everything:
Logging out and in
Restarting the app
Restarting my phone
All apps and OS have the current version

When I try to renew my subscription in the iOS app, it tells me that I have a current subscription.

I am really close to buying a new pro account through the rtm website directly to get access to the features again and hope I get a refund when I finally reach the customer service.

Anyone have a better idea?
Posted at 9:32pm on August 14, 2018
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi catherinebecker,
This can happen when the payment info from Apple isn't sent to us to automatically apply to your account.

I responded to your email already, but in case it helps anyone else: you can go into the app's Settings, tap Account Info, and then triple-tap your username to force the app to send the most recent payment info to your account. (You'll need to sign in to your Apple ID, but that will resend your upgrade/payment info to us, and should apply it automatically.)

You can contact us to look into anything else or to inquire about refunds, etc.!
Posted 3 years ago
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