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Difficult to define a parent task

apgordon says:
I've posted about this before, but what the hell -- I'll bring it up again.

Like many, I add tasks as I think of them, often via the Desktop Smart Add Hotkey. When these are actually subtasks of an existing task, it can be really annoying to try to connect these with their parent.

I have a Smart List for Projects (tasks that have tag:project or hasSubtasks:true). Since I have to drag-n-drop, I have to get my subtasks into the same view pane first, soo I have to tag it as project, then drag under, then remove tag. That's clunky.

This isn't a new topic. I liked @judykator's idea to make the parent task something you could just type in.

Food for thought, RTM team.
Posted at 6:15pm on August 8, 2018
judykator says:
Posted 8 months ago
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