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WHEN WHEN WHEN will drag and drop be fixed?

ignotus0001 says:
The ability do change the order of tasks by dragging and dropping items on a list has been broken for SEVERAL MONTHS now. Sibling items do not move as you drag, so all you can do is drop them on another task, making it a subtask - undesirable behavior.

I reported this MONTHS AGO; never even got an email back. I see several other have also reported it on multiple platforms, again MONTHS AGO, but the issues are just closed with no resolution or comment.

Apologies for the attitude but this has been bugging me for a while and today I'm working with a large list of tasks. It's a real problem.

Please fix this one. It's a show-stopper.
Posted at 7:43pm on August 3, 2018
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi ignotus0001,
Sorry to hear about this. Your previous message came through our one-time survey, and we mostly have not responded to those bit of feedback. Apologies that you wanted a response there.

It sounded like the drag and drop behavior was sensitive but working, but here it sounds like it's not working at all for you. More apologies if that's the case!

If it's not working at all, it may be worth double-checking the sort for your list/view to make sure it's set to drag and drop. (If not, dragging a task will either make a subtask or snap back to place.)

If it continues to be sensitive or not work when it should, it'd be really great if you could contact us through the app or that contact form so we could get a screenshot or video recording of what you're seeing? That'd be great so we could double-check whatever is causing this for you.

Thanks again!
Posted 2 years ago
ignotus0001 says:
Clearly I was having a bad day; again apologies for my tone. :-)

Anyway, I see the "sort by drag and drop" setting now. I never knew it was there. Maybe this feature was added relatively recently? I've been a user for years and don't always read release notes.

Regardless, seems to be working, so thank you!

I have one additional comment, which is the one I brought up in that email I mentioned:

even though it is now working for me, it's still very difficult to drag an item and drop it between 2 sibling tasks. Unless you are VERY precise about it, the app thinks you're dropping it on top of another task and that you want it to become a subtask - when you don't. Basically there is no border/margin for the drag area; it's the same size as the height of a list item. On my work computer I don't have an issue, but at home it takes 2 or 3 tries every darn time; must be HW-related. very annoying

It's a lower priority now that I know about this setting, but perhaps you can get it on your backlog for fixing some time?

And again thanks!
Posted 2 years ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
No worries at all, I understand! :)

The drag and drop and sort settings were both added at the same time (in Feb 2016 with the newer web app) but depending on your lists and views you may not have deviated from the "default sort setting" which you may have set to drag and drop, so it may not have affected you until recently.

The sensitivity moving a task between two others is what we got from your previous feedback; thanks for confirming that. That's what we had added to our list of feedback (we have lists for everything!) and we appreciate that. Maybe it'd still be possible to get a screenshot or recording of what your app looks like between your work and home computers? We'd love to figure out the difference between them and what we can do to make it easier to drag and drop for you—and others!

Feel free to contact us if so; we can get those details most easily by email.

And thanks again for the feedback! This kind of thing may seem lower priority, but we sure do appreciate the ongoing dialogue as you interact with stuff like this—usually that's the kind of thing that you use day to day and so it's on your mind more often! :)
Posted 2 years ago
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