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Repeat "every month on the last day" always changes the due date to next month

gareth.fabbro says:
I have a task to pay the utility bills, and I set the repeat to "every month on the last day". This changes the due date to next month, although not consistently. However, for the last few months, every time it gets close to the end of the month (and I have to pay the bills), the task has disappeared off my todo list because of the change in due date. Am I doing some thing wrong?

The full task is:
Pay bills ^31Aug ~24 Aug !1 #Admin *every month on the last day =10 minutes
Posted at 9:53am on August 2, 2018
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi gareth.fabbro,
Sorry to hear that. Are you able to contact us so we could get some more specifics? I'm particularly interested in the added date/source for any tasks that weren't set correctly.

For one of these affected tasks, you can see a given task's details in the web/desktop app: you can select a given task and click the info 'i' at the top right to see the details. It will show the added date and source as well as the updated date.

If you're able to send a screenshot of that we'd love to investigate. Thanks!
Posted 2 years ago
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