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Refresh bug in MacOS app

champagne.alexandre says:

Just installed RTM, became a pro user and downloaded the MacOS app. However I think I've found a little bug after playing with it for a while : sometimes, the task list doesn't refresh. I've encountered this two times, I don't remember what caused the first occurrence but for the second one it was a quick add with the "Add task" shortcut (outside the app). When coming back to RTM, the task wouldn't appear until I did View->Reload.

Posted at 4:13pm on July 17, 2018
champagne.alexandre says:
Just noticed something similar in the Android mobile app : suppose a task starts at a specific time, I receive the notification but the task list doesn't refresh and hence doesn't show the task (I've set a smart list to show only tasks due before "now").

Could you look into those?
Posted 8 months ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Sorry to hear you're seeing a similar issue in the Android app! It'd be great if you could contact us by email so we could get some screenshots of what you're seeing to see if we can reproduce this or investigate it another way.

Thanks again!
Posted 8 months ago
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