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Enable reminder with smart add

christoph76 says:

I'm running the RTM desktop add and would like to quickly add short-term reminders using the smart add feature. Using e.g. "Call cab ^45min" I can set up a task due in 45 minutes, but I would also like to get a Desktop notification for this. Currently I need to go into the task and add the reminder settings for this to work. It would be great if this would somehow be possible to enable using the smart add syntax.

Posted at 1:26pm on June 25, 2018
apgordon says:
From the desktop client, go to Settings -> Notifications. You should be able to add Desktop, and then you'll get all notifications (including tasks being due) as a popup/alert on the desktop.

Adding via smart add or not is irrelevant.
Posted 5 years ago
azclaire says:
Your recommendation works for his situation, but, many of us don't use the desktop app.

I use SmartAdd in the web browser and the iOS app. The need for SmartAdd reminder settings is still very much needed.

Posted 5 years ago
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