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Google Calendar showing just "busy"

nskoric says:
Hi there,

is it possible to get iCalendar events stream, but with all event summaries converted to "busy", or something similar? I would like to share my private schedule with my coworkers, but without them seeing what I'm doing, just that I'm busy. Is that possible? If not, how hard would it be to implement?

Kind regards,
Posted at 5:09pm on June 19, 2018
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi Nikola,
This isn't currently possible to our knowledge, but you can subscribe to your Remember The Milk iCalendar to view your tasks.

Google Calendar's sharing settings are available to share status with others, but I don't believe those settings are available for subscribed calendars.

If you find another option, we'd be interested to know as well!
Posted 10 months ago
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