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Default start date

sytone says:
How can you set the start date for a new task? Found default for due date in the General settings but not for start. Are these hidden elsewhere or just not 'setable'
Posted at 8:07pm on June 11, 2018
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi sytone,
There's not a default start date setting like there is for due date, but you can add it with Smart Add, for example the following task:

Complete report to Bob ~today ^friday !1 #Work

which would start today and be due Friday, with priority 1 in your list named "Work".

You can see more about Smart Add in our help pages.

Hope this helps!
Posted 10 months ago
sytone says:
Thanks, using that already just wanted to see if I could reduce the repetitive entry of start today for all tasks.
Posted 10 months ago
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