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A note section to each list

thiemehennis says:
I like to sum up things, make notes etc. about projects. So I would like to suggest a feature that does that. I was thinking of the ability to add notes, or a sketch/notebook with each of the lists. The right hand screen is quite empty anyhow, so there is space to do that. I would make general notes and updates that do not seem to be a task, such as an update or overview of the strategy involving a project.
Posted at 10:29am on May 28, 2018
apgordon says:
2 ways I can think to do this:

1. If you make projects as a parent task (e.g. tag:project) with subtasks below it, then you can use the notes section of that task to capture info about the project, etc.
2. If you use lists to organize your projects, you could make a generic task like "_Project Info" so to house this and get it to show at the top.

RE: sketching, etc - hmm, maybe make use of the Google Drive integration?
Posted 8 months ago
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