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Tasks don't appear after creating them

lucyding says:
Hi. I just got the desktop app for windows. No problems at first but just recently the tasks I create don't appear. Strangely they are there and I can find them if I search for them. But they don't appear in the list.
Not sure why - it was working before.
Posted at 2:46am on May 17, 2018
lucyding says:
I closed the whole app and reopened it and it's working again. Just a bit weird...
Posted 11 months ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi lucyding,
Sorry to hear about this, but we're glad it went away when you reloaded. If it comes back though, let us know! We'd love to investigate why that would be happening, even if it's not consistent.
Posted 11 months ago
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