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How do I delete or at least hide "given to others"?

misszippy says:
How do I delete the "given to others" list, or at least hide it? I will never use it.
Thank you.
Posted at 5:18pm on April 5, 2018
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi celine.grace,
Thanks for your feedback.

It's not possible to hide your "Given to others" view outright, but you have a few options:
* You can collapse the All Tasks view.
* You can add the other views you want (Inbox, This Week) to your Favorites so collapsing doesn't hide them.
* You can add "Given to others" to your favorites and collapse your Favorites also. :)

Hope this helps a bit for now!
Posted 1 year ago
lizhenry says:
I came here with this exact question. Once I assign tasks to others, I don't want to see them in my own list. It seems weird that I can do the opposite (view only the tasks assigned to someone else) But not see just my own.

Is that something you all might add to the app in the future? Thanks.
Posted 11 months ago
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