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Record last completion date on the Task Name

joren says:
I have task to change the filters on my HVAC unit that needs to happen every six months. I have a recurring tasks to remind me to do the task six months after my latest completion date. I would like to know if I can include that last completion date on my task name.

So instead of my task saying "Change filter", I would like it to say, "Change filter. It was last change on Nov. 26, 2017"

Posted at 10:12am on April 2, 2018
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi joren,
What you're looking for isn't currently possible with the task name. Thanks for the feedback!

In your example, presumably you're looking for a way to know when you have to change your filter again, so you may prefer to use the "after" repeat format, which would only generate the next task when you complete the current one.

Hope this helps a bit!
Posted 6 years ago
robert.ward says:
Hey Joren,

I do some similar things using the RTM API. It would be pretty easy to do this as well. Let me know if you want more information.


Info on the API here:
Posted 6 years ago
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