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MS Outlook 2016 sync issues

tatumdale says:

I'm a new user for RTM Pro.

The outlook 2016 sync is duplicating tasks in Outlook. This isn't suplicated in RTM.
Any ideas what i can do to resolve?

here's are the steps to reproduce my issue:

Prerequisits -
You are a pro user
You have Outlook 2016
You are managing G-suite account via Outlook 2016
You are using Windows 10 desktop app and 'online' is activated

1. Create task in RTM desktop
2. Open Outlook
Expected: The task created in RTM is created in Outlook
Actual: The task is created twice in Outlook.

Posted at 12:38pm on February 26, 2018
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi tatumdale,
It sounds like you're using G Suite's sync app too? If so, this can cause duplication, but we can help to resolve it.

The steps are a bit long, but if you're able to contact us we'd be happy to send them to you or to help figure out something else that would work for you!
Posted 6 years ago
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