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Cannot assign a task to myself on the phone AND set a reminder.

(closed account) says:
Hi there,

So I'm using one account in the web and the same, of course, on my Android phone. To me it is important that I get the reminders on the phone - this works well so far.

If I create a task in the web app, I can assign it to myself directly and also set reminders (which I'm also receiving on my phone as push notificationsl). However, if I create a task directly on my phone, I can only choose one of both. If I assign it to myself and try to set up a reminder, it tells me that upon saving my reminders will be deleted since I assigned the task to "..." - which is still my own account and still me, not someone else. Therefore, I can add both assignee and reminder in the web app, but not in my Android app.

Any advice or explanation why it is this way?

Thanks in advance.
Posted at 11:58am on February 2, 2018
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi harmonicrain,
I've added this to our list to investigate. Sorry for the inconvenience there!

In the meantime, from your standpoint it would be the same to add a reminder to an ungiven task, so you could try removing the given contact and then adding the reminder.

Or, of course, as you mentioned it's possible to add these reminders from the web/desktop app.

Thanks again for letting us know!
Posted 1 year ago
(closed account) says:
Hi andrewski,

Thank you for your response and the information. Since the reminder has the higher priority to me, I 'll be going with setting up the reminder when creating a task on my smartphone, indeed.

When I'm back at the PC, I can of course also add the assignee in the web app.

Thanks for investigating! :)
Posted 1 year ago
(closed account) says:
Hi again, it's been a while...

I don't know if you guys already came to test my report and if you know, but here's a thing I discovered this week:
1. Create a task on Android.
2. Add a reminder to it (assigning still isn't 'compatible' with a reminder).
3. Go back to the overview, e.g. the weekly overview of tasks.
4. Press down on the newly created task for a while, until you get the options what you can do with it.
5. Assign it to yourself.

I have no idea why exactly that works and it's more unnecessary effort, but it's still a workaround.

Hope that helps somebody.

Posted 1 year ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi harmonicrain,
Thanks for the details. We will put that on our list to investigate as well as we close the loop on this.

Let us know if we can help with anything else in the meantime!
Posted 1 year ago
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