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Siri/RTM iOS 11 Background Sync

bfoxxe says:
I have figured out how to use Siri under iOS 11 to add things directly to RTM, and it works as well as Siri ever does for me (ie: 60% success rate).

The issue seems to be that while it adds the task just fine to the RTM instance running on the device (Phone/AppleWatch), this never syncs to RTM proper until you specifically open the app on the device.

This suggests that the RTM app is not communicating in the background as I would expect it to. Is this a setting somewhere or a known issue?

The expected behavior would be that if I add a task via Siri, it appears in RTM in the cloud shortly thereafter. Similarly, if I add something from the cloud it should appear on the device, without having to open it and force a sync.
Posted at 4:15pm on January 10, 2018
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi bfoxxe,
Yes, with iOS Background Refresh the app should sync the newly added tasks (or completed tasks, i.e. whatever actions you're communicating via Siri) to your account on the web. Due to iOS behavior this isn't necessarily instantaneous, but should typically happen within a few minutes.

A few things could interfere with that:
* Background Refresh may be off in the iOS Settings (in General), either off entirely or for Remember The Milk.
* Low Power Mode would disable Background Refresh.
* Manually quitting the app would disable Background Refresh until your device is restarted.
* Changing the sync to Wi-Fi only or manual would limit when the app could sync those changes.

Hope this helps figure out what's happening for you, but if not you can contact us so we can help more specifically!
Posted 3 years ago
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