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Ordered and dependent tasks

btarney says:
Hi, I’d like to use RTM to track projects which involve tasks who h are ordered and dependent on the completion of the previous task: how can I accomplish this in RTM?

A simple example could be writing a paper and proof-reading the paper: writing the paper must come first and there’s no point in even seeing the second task before the first is complete.

This task sequencing is easily/natively supported in OmniFocus and I’d need some way of at least approximating it to switch to RTM.

Thanks for the help and time!
Posted at 6:31am on January 9, 2018
jennifer.goslee says:
What I do is put all the subparts in one master task, without due dates, and then give the first one a due date, and then make "add due date for second item" part of completing the first task, in my mind. Not perfect but it works well enough for my purposes.
Posted 1 year ago
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