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Where did my deleted tasks go?

ceyshe says:
I had a task with lots of sub-tasks and notes that is GONE.

I did not select the top task to delete. I've checked the TRASH folder (where there should be several tasks from today) and it's EMPTY.

I've created a test task with sub-tasks and deleted. These test tasks all appeared in the TRASH, like they're supposed to.

Where have my deleted legit tasks gone?
Posted at 9:38pm on January 3, 2018
martingchapman says:
I have had this happen to me when I have inadvertently changed one of the task parameters that takes it out of the scope of my Smart Lists, so it seems to have dissappeared.
Do you remember which list (not Smart list) it was in, if so check there for both complete and incomplete tasks.
If not, do you remember a word or phrase that was in the task, if so try searching for that word or phrase, again both complete and incomplete.
If the task is still in your account it should show up in one of these places.
Posted 1 year ago
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