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MilkSync - set for Personal Folders and not Microsoft Exchange

mr_psm says:
Apologies, I am new to RTM and still learning the ropes. It may be a simple question, but how do I specify the MilkSync destination in OUTLOOK – at the RTM end or OUTLOOK end? I am using OUTLOOK 365 with both Personal Folders (personal) and Microsoft Exchange (work), yet MilkSync syncs with Microsoft Exchange (work) and not Personal Folders (personal).
Posted at 7:58am on December 14, 2017
tristo (Remember The Milk) says:
Ok - MilkSync synchronizes all tasks in your Tasks folder, in your main email account in your Outlook profile.

It may be clearer to list the items that MilkSync doesn't synchronize:

MilkSync doesn't synchronize tasks in secondary accounts or Outlook data files, e.g. Personal Folders added to an Exchange account or secondary email accounts added to your profile.

MilkSync doesn't synchronize tasks in secondary task folders, e.g. subfolders of your Tasks folders or other task folders added to your account or profile.

And just to clarify, MilkSync will only sync with the default email address in Outlook.

Let me know if I can help further or in any other way!
Posted 6 years ago
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