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Time zone change on mobile causes tasks to have wrong due dates

jchoponis says:
This is really a revival of post .

The other post describes a large part of this issue and more.

In my exact case:

1. I live in Eastern Time and have several tasks with due dates (don't really use due times much but might on a couple).
2. I have a few tasks due "today" in Eastern Time
3. I hit the airport and fly to Central Time.
4. Phone updates (ios) and i see no tasks due "today" any more (due date is off).

Changing time zones is a default, automatic feature on andriod & ios and seems like this should "just work". It is especially frustrating when I log a task and believe I'm abstracting from the hour/minute concept - but it seems that is only on the surface.

Is there something that can be done here?
Posted at 10:09pm on December 9, 2017
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi jchoponis,
Sorry for the inconvenience while traveling. Currently the timezones need to match between your account and your devices where you're using Remember The Milk (your computer, mobile devices).

We don't have any changes to announce currently, but we appreciate the feedback about the inconvenience and the feedback about this being unexpected with untimed tasks.

Thanks again!
Posted 3 years ago
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