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"new" web app still a bit frustrating

moyn2000 says:
As a long time fan of RTM, it's something that's part of my work routine. However, I've been frustrated with the "new" interface (though not so new anymore!)... I feel bad for the developers, as I've sent a few emails and I sound a bit like "that guy", some creep who is just constantly complaining -- and I don't mean to be. But on almost a daily basis something about the UI bugs me, and I feel that it just is a bit of a step back.

The biggest thing for me is everything now takes more keystrokes, and is more fiddly. The example that bugged me this morning is the keyboard shortcut "p" for postpone. As I recall in the old UI, if you hit "p" for a selected task, it would change the date to today, and if you hit "p" a 2nd time, it would move out one day (tomorrow), etc. So click a task or set of tasks, one key ("p") and everything is updated, quick and intuitve.

Now however when you click the "p" in the new UI, you get a list of dates from today, tomorrow, etc. And, you MUST then go up to that box and pick one with the mouse, arrow keys, or type the word "today". Much, much more cumbersome! And that's the way I feel the UI is for everything, much more mousing and clicking.

Again, I've mentioned it and I just sound like a nag, but it's only because RTM was so easy before. I just wonder if other users feel the same way? Much in the layout of the new interface is pretty and I like it, my concern is more about the shortcut key natural flow which has been lost. I'm honestly beginning to think of looking at alternatives, which I'd hate to do as I want to support RTM!

Anyway, my vote is for a move back to many of the prev shortcuts and behaviors ("n" to deselect tasks, for example, etc.).
Posted at 2:16pm on November 16, 2017
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi moyn2000,
Don't worry about being "that guy"—we appreciate the continued feedback and are happy that you're letting us know how you're feeling! :)

We understand your feedback about the keyboard shortcuts, and were approaching these a few different ways: first was that we are trying to avoid accidental keypresses (mostly around the selection shortcuts) and second that we were trying to make some of the actions more flexible (like with postpone).

Specific to postpone, we had a lot of requests previously for postponing beyond just 1 day, so we added the option. We kept the "postpone by 1 day" action and changed the shortcut to Shift+P so we hope you can get used to that and that it's not too awkward for you! That will still work as you expect.

We'd love to hear any other feedback you have whenever you have it. We'd be interested in anything like this that is bothering you, anything you brought up before but is still bothering you, or anything else on your mind. :)

I'm sure we've mentioned it before, but it bears repeating: feedback of all kinds is very important to us as we work to improve Remember The Milk, so we like to hear from you and everyone anytime! :)
Posted 1 year ago
martingchapman says:
Regards the "P" shortcut, as well as the shift P to postpone for one day you can enter P followed by a number to postpone for that number of days, ie P2 postpones for 2 days, P7 for 7 days etc.
I find this most useful and an improvement on before so this change to the UI suites me, but I can understand if it does not suite you (and I respect it was just one example of many changes that have been made).
Try the P"X" shortcut where X is a number of days and see how you go with it, at least it may help with this function.
Posted 1 year ago
moyn2000 says:
Thanks all ... the challenge of course for developers is that every user has an opinion, and they don't always agree! I will continue to practice with the new keystrokes... cheers
Posted 1 year ago
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