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"use with siri"

richtack says:
the iphone app now has an option for "use with Siri". Is this different than the old (but solid) trick of integrating RTM with the stock reminders app to get siri integration?
Posted at 10:17pm on November 3, 2017
tristo (Remember The Milk) says:
Yes, this is different. Remember The Milk is now making use of SiriKit which came with iOS 11. Hope that helps!
Posted 1 year ago
cnolsen says:
I was wondering about this as well. Is there any difference in behavior between these two methods? e.g. different options for smart add, changes to how reminder notifications work, etc.
Posted 0 years ago
chrissie.gibson says:
Hi, I'm trying to find where it is in the iPhone app. Running ios 11.2.1.
Posted 10 months ago
tristo (Remember The Milk) says:
Here's where to get started with Siri and where you'll find more information on how to use RTM with Siri:
Posted 10 months ago
dillo99 says:
Very disappointed with this. Pre IOS 11 the link from RTM to siri (through reminders) was very reliable. Now it is terrible. Works some of the time but not most of the time. This is true even when I repeat your test examples verbatim. Very disappointed.
Posted 9 months ago
tristo (Remember The Milk) says:
Thanks for letting us know. We aren't seeing significant issues here so I am interested to know what's happening for you. Does Siri have troubles understanding your voice at all?

Of course, you can go back to the old method if you'd really like - just follow the steps for iOS 10 here:
Posted 9 months ago
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