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Google Assistant Integration

ahliana says:
Is there a way to interact with RTM using Google Assistant?

I would like to be able to select all overdue items in a list and postpone them.
I would like to be able to add tasks to a specified list.
I would like to have Google Assistant be able to read off tasks in a specified list.
Posted at 6:19pm on October 12, 2017
cosimo.milani says:
yes please! Google assistant integration!
Posted 1 year ago
milkcamber says:
yes please! Google assistant integration is important! i want to add task while i drive my car for example.
Posted 1 year ago
milkcamber says:
Speak Here Now
Android App
Posted 1 year ago
jamezzz says:
+1 Yes, please. I have Google Minis all around my house now and would love to be able to add tasks via Google Assistant. I've seen some other tasks/todo apps with this capability and it actually works pretty nice.
Posted 1 year ago
davidfarquhar says:
You can add tasks via Google Assistant already, using IFTTT.
I originally tried it using the IFTTT Remember The Milk service but now I do it using the ability to email tasks direct to RTM

I do this by setting up an IFTTT applet using Google Assistant service and Email service. The result is something like this

Google Assistant hears me say Add X to Remember The Milk
Email service sends a mail to my RTM email inbox with X in the subject line

If you need to setting it up let me know
Posted 1 year ago
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