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Standard Monthly Shopping List

jennyrtm says:
I would like to build up and save a list of the items I typically need to buy each month. I want to be able to "clone" a list for this month as a subset of the standard month and then mark the items off as I shop. Alternatively, mark items "complete" on the standard list as I shop but then be able to reactivate them again the following month.
Posted at 1:36pm on August 26, 2017
jennyrtm says:
I should have included the question of whether it is possible to do this with RTM?
Posted 4 years ago
martingchapman says:
As you are a Pro user one way of doing this is with Subtasks.
Create a task called "Monthly Shopping List"
Add a Subtask to this task for every item you will ever buy in a month, this becomes your "Standard" list.
Mark all the items "Complete".
At the beginning of each month, "un-complete" the items you want to buy this month, this then becomes your shopping list for the current month.
As you buy the items, complete the corresponding Subtask, when all Subtasks are complete you have finished your monthly shop.
Repeat each month.

Hope this helps.
Posted 4 years ago
robert.ward says:
Another option to Martin's (always excellent I might add) advice would be to complete everything in your list, then just duplicate it next month.

A third option would be to create a Parent task then add all the items as Subtasks. Then have the parent task set to "repeat every month." Once you complete that parent task, it will be recreated with all of the subtasks as well.
Posted 4 years ago
ruadog says:
I know everyone loves to use technology, but this really sounds like a problem that is best solved by an old school printed list on a piece of paper. Create a document with the list and just print it out each month and work from that. You can use RTM to create a reoccurring task to print the list :)
Posted 4 years ago
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