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Searching for "repeating every" vs "repeating after"

sayanee says:
I just discovered the difference between "repeating every" vs "repeating after". All this while I have only been using "repeating every" when many household tasks should have been "repeating after".

I would like to make a smart search on the various tasks that are repeating every and then I would like to change them to repeating after. I was only able to do "isRepeating:true" that will give me both types of repeats.

Any idea on what should my smart search query be in order to segregate both types of repeats?
Posted at 6:50am on July 16, 2017
tristo (Remember The Milk) says:
Thanks for getting in touch sayanee!

Ok, there's no way to differentiate between those two types of repeats. But perhaps you could add in another variable.

For instance, from what I can tell, you're only looking to change tasks that haven't been updated already - any task you have changed you don't want to appear.

So, you could search: isRepeating:true AND NOT updatedWithin:"1 week of today", for example, to exclude those tasks.

You should be able to have a play to get it working for you but do let me know if I can help further
Posted 1 year ago
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