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Windows app: nothing, no access to preferences

jcwillain says:
Hi guys,

I've just installed remember the milk windows app on my work computer.

One installed , I only get a blank app, the top horizontal menu is there but :

* no content in the main window
* preferences grey

and at the end of the installation the tool did not provided me any way to connect to my account.

I suspect a connecticity problem as I work behind a firewall.

If my suspiscon is correct, would there be a way to define a proxy ?
Posted at 5:28am on July 6, 2017
tristo (Remember The Milk) says:
Thanks for getting in touch jcwillain.

Your thought process makes sense here.

One question, do you see the same sort of thing (or a blocked message) if you use the web app as well?

Next steps - does your firewall allow programs and apps to connect or be excluded from a blacklist, or just ports, or something else? I appreciate it might be an office-environment where these things are controlled and you might not be sure.

Let me know what you can and we'll go from there.


Posted 1 year ago
jcwillain says:
Dear tristo,

Using the web app I dont have the problem as a proxy is defined.

At my work place, for any app that needs to communicate with Internet , either it must use the brower connection settings (which means using the defined proxy) or have it's own network preferences where it can be set.

So for instance , with filezilla I have an HTTP/1.1 proxy using CONNECt method defined with my work proxy and user login/pass defined.
Posted 1 year ago
tristo (Remember The Milk) says:
Thanks for that information.

I've checked this with the team - from we it looks like, the app won't be able to get through a proxy if it’s HTTP authenticated, but if it doesn’t require that it should work.

Hope this helps!
Posted 1 year ago
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